Tasty Delivery Out Of Our Awesome Foodtrucks


Welcome to our food truck menu. Enjoy an early morning breakfast or tasty lunch at our unique beach locations. All our meals come with a choice of salad garnishes, toppings and sauces.

Breakfast Roll
R 35

Bacon, egg, cheese and rocket roll.

French Toast
R 45

French toast, fried banana, bacon drizzled with honey.

R 55

Grilled beef burger or crumbed chicken breast.

Lamb Schwarma
R 75

Delicious tender lamb with salads.

Chicken Breast Schwarma
R 55

Roasted Chicken Breast with sauce.

Fallafel Schwarma
R 45

Vegetarian with salad and sauce.

Hot Chips
R 25

Sweet potato fries.


Rocket, tomato, sweet cucumber, crisp onion.


Cheese, jalapinoe, basil pesto, humus, egg plant, avocado, sun dried tomato pesto, peppadews.


Tzaziki, Honey mustard, 1000, tomato sauce, French dressing, garlic aioli.


Parties & Platters


Choose from our selection of delicious platters or bulk offers for your next work function, birthday or party. Pick and mix your platter choices for best results. Choose between 3-4 different finger foods per platter. 50-70 pieces easily feed 10-12 people.

Schwarma Party
R 89 - 100

Lamb flavoured with rosemary, garlic& lemon slow roasted overnight and then we pull the meat off the bone. Tender cut up chicken breast in a honey mustard sauce or our homemade falafel balls for the vegetarians. We warm the pita bread in a folded packet stuffed with lettuce,garlic mayo,your choice of filling and top it with tzaziki and chopped onion,tomato & cucumber. With a choice of Chips or Toppings Toppings Jalapinos. Chopped red & green chillies. Peppadew. Sun dried tomato. Flaked almonds. Avocado dip, Roasted sunflower seeds, Pipped olives. Basil pesto. Humus.Toasted sliced egg plant. (Minimum 75 people)

Burger Party
R 79 - 89

150gr grilled beef or a crumbed chicken breast or (v)falafel, or layered egg plant with tomato, onion and mazorella cheese. With grated cheddar cheese and crisp onion rings and hold it all together with a skewered jalopino. Fresh fried seasoned hot chips and you add tomato or homemade mayo sauce. We bring all equipment and from you we please need a close by plug point or long lead and a trestle type table to put our foods on when we arrive. R79 (Minimum 75 people), R89 (Less then 75 people)

Roast Leg of Lamb and Chicken Kebab
R 195

In our pizza oven we slow roast deboned legs of lamb basted with lemon, rosemary, garlic and syrup. We grill the succulent chicken kebabs. The tender juicy lamb then gets carved in front of you and served with the grilled chicken kebabs,crispy potato wedges or garlic baby potatoes and oven roasted fresh mixed vegetables and gravy. Sweet cucumber, greek, coleslaw salads Accompanying this feast are homebaked bread rolls, butter and tzaziki followed by home baked fresh cream chocolate eclairs drizzled with golden syrup and flaked almonds stacked up on a platter.

Cocktail Beef and Chicken Burger Platter
R 450

Garnished cocktail rolls, filled with grilled beef and plump chicken breast burgers

Pastry Platter
R 0?

All home made & baked. Mini Pepper lamb pies. Frankfurters wrapped in puff pastry. Cheese & feta triangles. Flavoured meat triangles. Puff pastry cases filled with onion & peppadew marmalade.

Open Bruschetta Canapé Platter
R 350

Choose any 2. Herbed and baked crisp baguette slices and topped with: Smoked salmon, cheese, caper & onion. Rare roast beef, gherkin & seed mustard. Blue cheese, pear, cashew and syrup. Mozarrella cheese,sun dried tomato and basil pesto. Camembert cheese, & chutney.

Assorted Sandwiches
R 350

We use brown and white breads garnished and filled with chicken mayo,cheddar cheese & tomato,tuna mayo,rare roast beef & mustard and garnished with either spring rolls,fallafel balls,cheese triangles,spinach pies.

Vegetarian Platter
R 450

Choose 3-4 finger foods per platter. Spring rolls. Fallafel balls. Baked Phyllo pastry spinach pie. Egg plant wrapped around haloumi and smothered with tomato and parmesan cheese. Dolmades vine leaves stuffed with herbed rice. Baby potatoes stuffed with salmon or cheese and garnished. Onion marmalade tarts. Spinach & corn fritters. Crumbed stuffed jalapeños. Light choux pastry filled with cream cheese,fresh basil leaves and topped with sun dried tomato.

Wrap Platter
R 450

Crisp wraps filled with lettuce,tomato & cucumber. Chicken cheese & sweet chilli. Salmon,smooth cheese & capers. Scrambled egg,cheese and tomato.

Chicken Platter
R 450

Choose 3-4 finger foods. Chicken kebabs in sweet chilli sauce. Chicken strips rolled in white & black sesame seeds. Sliced grilled biltong spice rubbed chicken breasts. Chicken breast stuffed with camenbert cheese,basil pesto,crumbed and sliced. Chicken breast pieces rolled in coconut. Cubed Chicken pieces cooked in syrup and balsamic with a rosemary skewer.

Rump Platter
R 595

(2.5)kg Tender rare grilled & basted rump, sliced and served with a mild cream green and black peppercorn sauce


Hot or Cold


Chooses from our selection of Coffee, Tea or Freshly Squeezed Juices to quench your thirst.

R 20

Red, Ginger, Lemon or Honey

R 20
Freshly Squeezed Juice
R 25

Orange, Carrot, Ginger and Apple

Hot Chocolate
R 20